Whoever your client, whatever their background, they have one thing in common – their difference.

Borderless Coaching is a powerful, transformational coaching framework designed to authentically coach the whole person. Unlike any other coaching method Borderless Coaching unlocks the hidden element of difference – what we call the missing 30% – so that clients can realise their full potential and maximise their impact.
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As one of the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth and transformation, executive coaching has a critical role to play in releasing the rich unique assets that difference brings. This demands a coaching style and skill that engages, honours and deeply connects with the whole client with full permission and authenticity.

Borderless Coaching ensures that your practice as a coach is relevant to the current global landscape, equipping you with the skills and ways of being to work masterfully with the dynamics of difference.

What our clients say

One thing in particular that I liked was the coach’s honest yet supportive approach that dived deeper than anything I had experienced before.  This really made the difference between a mere surface understanding of the issues and more in depth knowledge of what lay behind them. The overall result of the coaching is that I feel better able to resolve problems, even tricky, long standing problems.  I also feel more in control of myself, and ultimately my destiny.
Sammy Massiah, Director IT, Royal Holloway University of London

Borderless Coaching is approved by the Institute of leadership and Management

Coaching services

Advanced coach development

Our Borderless Coaching Training programmes equip coaches, mentors and managers with transformational skills in coaching across areas such as leadership, inclusion and the dynamics of difference.

Executive Coaching

Our experienced global bench of Borderless Coaches provide powerful, high impact coaching to help clients understand, connect with, value and use difference for greater leadership impact

About Borderless Coaching

Borderless Coaching, created by The Diversity Practice, draws on our experience as coaches and leadership development facilitators working with the dynamics of difference and inclusion, and utilises models and best practice from our work with a 1000+ leaders across four continents.

If you need help to develop skills amongst your coaches and managers to maximise difference, or need help yourself in working with diversity and inclusion contact us for a no obligation discussion.